When looking for a vintage steel bicycle, most folk first think of a bike in terms of the name on the frame.

My experience teaches me to think in terms of the frame being the “coat hanger” onto which one hangs the equipment.  Finding the frame is not the major problem.

Equipping the frame is the major concern,  particularly if one wants particular parts that are superbly handcrafted and period correct.

I have long advised that if one finds an affordable bicycle with even just some of the desirable parts it is well worth considering buying it. Finding parts is becoming expensive and time consuming.

Phoenix Recyclery is not only a collection of prestige frames branded with well known names or now rebadged as Phoenix.

Most folk will not know by name Phoenix or the story behind the name. Neither for that matter will they necessarily know the names of other brands here that were built in small quantities by master craftsmen.

We have all the essential rare parts to build those frames up into complete bicyles.

More items will be loaded shortly (post-lockdown) but this link will give you a taster …


Please note the above link is historic and so is not comprehensive and some of the items may no longer be available, please CONTACT me if you see anything you are interested in.

Though we will eventually list particular parts, it is true that this is practically impossible and that most of the folk are just after a specific part
to complete a pre-existing project.

What follows are a few suggestions that will help simplify matters in making an enquiry after a particular part:

Obviously, it helps to have a sample or picture of the actual part needed (potentially a replacement) where this is not possible, dimensions [width length, etc.] are essential as are brand name, model name, is it alloy or steel? Note that every added bit of information helps identify your needed part accurately.

There is no point in re-inventing the wheel, there are excellent online resources for just about every bicycle part ever manufactured. Please consult the following in order to identify the particular part you need: