Most vintage steel collectors I have ever known started off in the same way …with a dream. They dreamed of owning a particular bicycle …possibly a bicycle they had ridden when they raced or, often, a bicycle they would love to have owned back then, but could not afford at the time.

Even those who have been in the game some time, and have more than a few bikes in their collection, are still searching for that elusive “dream” bicycle.

Increasingly I now find that many new vintage steel collectors “Were not there at the time”… The fastest, most affordable way to get started riding on vintage steel is to look for a COMPLETE BICYCLES, second hand, South African built machine.

More items will be loaded shortly (post-lockdown) but this link will give you a taster …

Please note the above link is historic and so is not comprehensive and some of the items may no longer be available, please CONTACT me if you see anything you are interested in.