The daydream of “Finding a Ferrari at a Volkswagen price” is a fantasy.

Just as you would not take a Ferrari over roads fit only for 4x4s, so you would not take your gleaming, treasured vintage Italian steel bicycle on gravel roads like Eroica.

You can choose a FRAME AND FORK from the 300 in the collection.
Once you choose a frame, you can then select the appropriate parts to fit… tailor made to fit pocket or purpose.

The parts may be period correct PARTS or using more recent and thus more easily accessible and affordable parts.

At Phoenix Recyclery, we have long wheelbase frames with appropriate angles to absorb road shocks, tubing strong enough to withstand corrugations and clearance to sport wider tyres.

You can build a great Eroica vintage steel bicycle for less than R5000, which because of its uniqueness or the readily apparent intrinsic quality other vintage steel collectors will admire.

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