Eroica Series: The Bicycle Collector

Over the years folks have gotten used to picking up dirt-cheap bargains, mostly from sellers who don’t know what they have. But that landscape is changing, and South Africans are getting wise to the value of these beautiful vintage machines.

Ah, and the truest statement of all – he won’t sell anything! Well, no, that’s not true. Ron will sell you almost anything you might be interested in, but it won’t be easy. See, the thing is, he loves this stuff, he has a wealth of knowledge about it all, and he has spent years and years amassing his collection. You can hardly blame him for wanting to hold on. It would, after all, dissolve his legend if it all disappeared.

We hear of these vintage-only cycling events start popping up. First the madness that is the Tour of Ara‬ – the 6-day all-gravel stage race open exclusively to South African-built steel frames only. Now Eroica is coming to South Africa! People are learning about vintage bikes, vintage parts, and all that goes with it. As you can imagine, Ron is in his element. His collection suddenly becomes the focus of such scrutiny and desire. He really has some unbelievable gems in there! And at the centre of it all – Saint Ron “Grumpy Dude” Thompson, surveying all that is his.

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